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I’m asking for your vote on August 23rd for the Martin County Commission, District 2.

My grandparents emigrated from Ireland to Jupiter Island in the 1950’s and lived there as caretakers. My father and I were born in Martin County and my parents raised me here until moving to a farm in Tennessee. I went on to graduate High School near the top of my class, as captain of the soccer team. As a result, I received an appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. After an honorable discharge, I moved to be closer to my family in Tennessee. Eventually, I went on to receive a B.A. in Philosophy and a Master of Divinity in Theology which led me to serve the Catholic Church in Nashville as a Priest. I left the ministry when I decided that I wanted a family and settled in my childhood hometown in Martin County. Meanwhile, I enrolled in Palm Beach State College and earned an Associates Degree in Nursing then became a licensed Registered Nurse. I have found my true professional calling as an ICU Nurse. My passions and joy in life are being a father, education, and working in the medical field.

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